1a0Miller Home was founded in 1875 by a local businessman, Samuel Miller, who donated land and an endowment fund for the care and support of young women in the community.

1Miller Home has cared for more than 1000 girls since opening its doors in 1875. When established by Samuel Miller, the Miller Home was known as the Lynchburg Female Orphan Asylum. At that time the home could care for 100 girls and it was located in a four story building on a working farm. Today, Miller Home is still located in Lynchburg, however, serving a much smaller population.

Miller Home is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services and is a private, residential group home for non-delinquent, dependent girls. It is not a correctional facility, but a place of opportunity for girls who have been deprived of a home by adverse circumstances or, in some cases, it is the child’s behavior that necessitates placement. Whatever the reason, we consider each situation separately.

60gMiller Home provides a loving and nurturing structured environment that meets the needs of each resident, as well as promoting opportunities for growth and development. Each resident receives case management services, counseling, referrals for any needed service, transportation, assistance with academics through study hall, and supervision and guidance from staff. Miller Home also offers services to the resident’s family based on the needs of the resident and the family unit.

Miller Home strives to provide a caring semi-structured family environment that the residents can depend upon for stability, support, and security. A daily Schedule of Activities is followed each day. Every girl at Miller Home is encouraged to participate in outside activities-from school organizations and athletics programs to serving others by volunteering in the community. These broadening experiences better prepare her for the world she will face after she leaves Miller Home.

The staff endeavors to provide care and guidance within a non-instructional, supportive environment which encourages each girl to grow and develop to their highest potential. Supervision is not just watching — but engaging residents and also ensuring the Miller Home program is successful. Staff members ensure that all daily tasks are completed and instruction and guidance are given where necessary to meet each resident’s needs.