Admission Criteria

The Miller Home of Lynchburg is able to serve females ages 4 to 18 who are not able to live with their families.  Residents may be abused, neglected, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, or experiencing behavioral, social, or educational problems.  The Miller Home is able to accept a range of DSM-IV diagnoses and will consider habitual runaways and those diagnosed as mentally retarded on an individual basis.

Emergency placements are not accepted nor those who are a threat to themselves or others.  The Miller Home is also unable to serve youth who are actively psychotic, drug addicted, pregnant, severely physically handicapped or those with a history of criminal, delinquent, or violent behavior.  All residents must be able to attend full time public school or an equivalent program and perform daily self-care tasks.

Residents come to Miller Home for various reasons, from counties, towns, and cities all over Virginia as well as other states. In some cases, it is the resident’s behavior that necessitates placement, while in other situations the parent or guardian is unable to care for her. Whatever the reason, each situation is considered separately. Miller Home is proud to serve a diverse population and believes the variety of our residents makes Miller Home special.

Admissions Process

During the admission process, our staff determines if the program can meet the needs of the applicant and if group home care is the best choice. Once a child is accepted into the program an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed. The ISP identifies goals and objectives for each resident and any other involved party. Miller Home can address various needs and behaviors through our program.

For inquiries about possible placement at Miller Home, you may begin the admissions process by contacting the Program Director at 434-845-0241 or through the website contact form. During this initial contact, please be prepared to advise Miller Home of the following:

  • Reason for and desired outcome of placement
  • Specific needs and behaviors
    • History of behavior
    • How the behavior has been addressed
    • Significant Events contributing to behaviors
  • Health information including medication, physical health, and mental health history
  • Current education arrangements
    • School attended and grade placement
    • Special Education Services
    • School behavior
  • Court Orders and Criminal Charges

After the Program Director reviews this information, if placement at Miller Home is not deemed the best option for the child, a recommendation will be made if possible for other services.

To begin the application process, please fill out the following forms:

Admissions Packet

Admissions Release

  • Release of Information Forms
    • When requesting records, complete and sign each release of information form and mail or hand deliver each release to the person or agency who has been involved with your child. These providers include schools, doctors, dentist, counselors, psychiatrists, and other out of home placements.


The admission application, medical history form and prenatal and developmental history form should be completed and returned to Miller Home as soon as possible. The release of information forms should not be returned to Miller Home. Once all information has been received you will be contacted and if at that time it seems Miller Home can meet your child’s needs an interview will be scheduled. Following the interview, you will be contacted with an acceptance decision.

Other admission requirements will need to be fulfilled once your child has been accepted. These include a physical within the last 90 days, Tb test, and immunization record signed by a physician. At admission, please bring the original birth certificate, original social security card, insurance card if applicable, and any court orders regarding your child.

For further information regarding admissions, please contact Program Director, Morgan Kane.

Phone: 434-845-0241