Why Miller Home?

Girls come into the Miller Home program for a variety of reasons. Whether it be family, behavior, school, or safety related, Miller Home considers each admission on a case-by-case basis. Admission is granted based on the situation and current population of residents at Miller Home. 

When a resident is signed into the Miller Home program, custody remains with the parent or guardian. Miller Home accepts "entrustment" meaning the staff can act as the guardian and sign documents, accompany a resident to appointments, and make decisions regarding the resident's care. 

Admission Criteria

  • *4-17 years of age
  • Attend full-time public school or equivalent program
  • Perform daily self-care tasks 
  • Willingness to participate in counseling and case management services

Exclusionary Criteria

  • Emergency placements are not accepted
  • Pose a threat to themselves or others
  • Actively psychotic, suicidal, homicidal, drug addicted, or pregnant 
  • **History of criminal, delinquent, or violent behavior 

*A resident may stay signed into the program past the age of 18, but must be admitted before turning 18 years old.
**Residents with a prior history of criminal, delinquent, or violent acts may be considered based on actions and positive progress since the last incident of such behavior. If admitted, there will be a probation period where discharge will occur at the first sign of violence. 

what is the cost?

Miller Home feels it is important for a resident's family to invest in their care and uses a sliding scale to determine a suggested monthly payment. Cost of care for a resident is based on the family's financial resources. Supporting a resident financially is strongly encouraged, however, no girl will be turned away due to inability to pay for placement.

how long does it take?

An average placement time for a resident to complete the Miller Home program is approximately one year. However, the length of stay is determined based on the family situation, resident's progress, and goal of placement. 

At times, a resident and her family decide she should remain at Miller Home after completing the program phases. At this point, the resident's goal of placement changes to building life skills in preparation for adulthood. 

next steps

1. Contact Program Director Morgan Kane during office hours to determine if Miller Home is an option for your child
2. Request an Admissions Packet
3. Complete an Admissions Application and return it to Miller Home
4. Request records using the Release of Information form
5. Set up an interview and tour of Miller Home

For further information or to get started with the admissions process, contact Program Director Morgan Kane.  

Phone: 434-845-0241
Email: mbkane@millerhomeoflynchburg.org