Miller Home for Girls

Who We Are


Miller Home's Mission

Miller Home seeks to provide short term or long term care and guidance to non-delinquent girls, ages four through twenty-one, who cannot live with their own families.  Residents who graduate from high school must meet specified criteria to continue placement.  Miller Home endeavors to provide care and guidance within a non-institutional, supportive environment which encourages each girl to grow and develop to her highest potential.  It is the goal of the Miller Home to assist these girls in directing their lives that they may become caring, productive adults. 



What We Do

Miller Home provides a loving and nurturing structured environment that meets the needs of each resident, as well as promoting opportunities for growth and development. Each resident receives case management services, counseling, referrals for any needed service, transportation, assistance with academics through study hall, supervision, and guidance from staff. Miller Home also offers services to the resident’s family based on the needs of the resident and the family unit.


We provide a safe, structured, and supportive environment.

Miller Home is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services and is a private, residential group home for non-delinquent, dependent girls. It is not a correctional facility, but a place of opportunity for girls who have been deprived of a home by adverse circumstances or, in some cases, it is the child’s behavior that necessitates placement. Whatever the reason, we consider each situation separately and admission is granted based on the resident's individual needs. 

Miller Home strives to provide a caring semi-structured family environment that the residents can depend upon for stability, support, and security. A daily Schedule of Activities is followed each day. Every girl at Miller Home is encouraged to participate in outside activities-from school organizations and athletics programs to serving others by volunteering in the community. These broadening experiences better prepare her for the world she will face after she leaves Miller Home.

We offer instruction, guidance, and accountability. 

Miller Home's staff endeavors to provide care and guidance within a non-instructional, supportive environment which encourages each girl to grow and develop to their highest potential. Supervision is not just watching — but engaging residents and working together to promote success in the Miller Home program. Staff members ensure that all daily tasks are completed and instruction and guidance are given where necessary to meet each resident’s needs.



We work with families based on individual needs.

Miller Home has the unique opportunity to consider each potential resident on a case by case basis. Before admission, the family decides on a goal of placement that evolves as the resident moves through the program. Average time to complete the program takes approximately one year; however, some residents choose to remain at Miller Home and enter the Independent Living Skill Building Program designed to help develop life skills to prepare for adulthood. Whatever the case, Miller Home staff strives to work with all family members and as the goal of placement evolves. 


Program Aspects


Reunification of Families

One of our primary goals at Miller Home is for a resident to complete the Miller Home program and return to a safe, stable, environment. Throughout placement, families are required to have consistent communication with the resident, participate in family therapy, and be involved with a resident's progress so the return home will be successful. 

Independent Living 

At times, residents and their families come to the decision that placement at Miller Home should be continued after the completion of the program. In this case, residents continue to work toward goals to prepare them for life as an adult such as obtaining employment, budgeting, getting a driver's permit, and applying to college. A resident continuing to work toward their goals and comply with the Miller Home program may stay signed into Miller Home until they are 21 years old. 


Behavior Intervention

Miller Home utilizes a level system to measure behavior and progress of  resident through the program. As a resident learns the rules and expectations of Miller Home, they move through the phases of the program and are granted privileges based on their behavior levels each week. Privileges include phone time, computer access, participation in extracurricular activities, and other approved outings.  

Length of Program

The average time it takes for a resident to move through the Miller Home program is approximately one year. This depends on the individual's behavior, family situation, and goal of placement. 


Next Steps


Apply for Admission

The admission process starts by filling out an application. This can be done online or by contacting Miller Home by phone Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and speaking with the Program Director.

More information regarding the admissions process can be found through the link below.


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Miller Home consistently receives support from volunteers in the community who want to make a difference in the lives of the girls who come through our doors.